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Security Risks for Single Vendor-driven Open Source
[2008-07-16] Ounce Labs, a software risk analysis company, has uncovered two security vulnerabilities in the Spring Framework.

Current Trend in Adopting OSS
[2008-06-11] When a Forrester Research representative emailed with the following survey highlights, I was more than a little surprised:

Advice On Growing OSS Communities
[2008-05-21] I just posted this as a comment to Josh's reply to my reply to his JavaOne 2008 pitch:

North-by-South Outsourcing Open Source Projects
[2008-05-07] North-by-South, is an open source company based in San Francisco and Sao Paulo (Brazil), is getting work from the Bay and organizing teams of open source programmers from Central & South America to do the jobs.

Clipperz's "Zero-knowledge" Approach To Managing Sensitive Data
[2008-04-23] Marco Barulli from Clipperz reached out to introduce their online password-manager. I'd been looking for a good solution for some time now.

Google Announces App Engine
[2008-04-09] Unless Marketing Pilgrim was the first stop in your online news reading this morning-in which case we thank you-you've probably noticed the buzz surrounding Google's launch of Google App Engine.

Developer Manifesto for Responsible Reformatting
[2008-03-26] The recent introduction of reformatting proxies on the networks of Vodafone, Sprint and other carriers has caused a wave of pain for thousands of mobile sites. Apparently, those transcoders have totally spoilt the intended user-experience by adapting the content of already optimized sites.

No Hard Drive In XBox Arcade
[2008-03-12] Xbox 360 Fanboy has an article about how developers are unhappy with the Xbox 360 Arcade (formerly the Core system) and its lack of hard drive.

Facebook Application Developers
[2008-03-05] In a couple of hours time I'll be on the panel at the second Singapore Facebook Developers Garage, which features the topic: "Marketing and Monetization of FB Applications: Hype or Goldmine?"

Build a simple Adobe AIR Desktop Application using HTML & JavaScript
[2008-02-27] I spent a some time recently preparing for the Adobe AIR & Flex 3 Launch Event at my ColdFusion user group. One thing I wanted to show people was how to build a simple Adobe AIR Desktop Application using HTML & JavaScript.

Adobe Launches Director 11
[2008-02-20] Adobe has announced the availability of the latest version of Director - Adobe Director 11. With Adobe Director, Multimedia Designers and Developers can author once and publish their content for the web, CD/DVD and the desktop simultaneously. It is expected to be available by March end and international versions in French, German and Japanese by June, 2008.

Generalizations About Software
[2008-01-23] A reader commented that MySQL isn't "enterprise ready", to which another reader wrote:

Commercial & Open Source Still Not Antonyms
[2008-01-08] Over the last few days I have just been reading my news alerts on commercial open source and I found out that someone still thinks it sounds like a contradiction in terms, others question about how open commercial open source is, while there are others who argue that OSS vendors have to sell products, not subscriptions.

5 Free SEO Tools For Web Developers And Marketing Professionals
[2007-12-19] There are a lot of tools out there for web developers and marketers that do all kinds of different things. It is hard to know what is important and what isn't important when you are using some of the tools available.

Sun Controlled FOSS Communities Grant
[2007-12-12] Simon (Chief OSS Officer at Sun) talks about Sun's $1 million dollar grant to Sun controlled FOSS communities.

When is it Application Development?
[2007-11-28] An interesting post caught my eye recently - Should we still call it Application Development?

Preventing Software Spoiling
[2007-11-14] One of my favorite sites on software development - Coding Horror - had a great post on how software spoils.

Event-Driven Model Framework?
[2007-10-31] As folks start adopting more AJAX and Flex for their applications, I see a lot of questions about "how to use <insert favorite HTML framework> to handle AJAX/Flex calls?"

OSI Certifies Microsoft Open Source Licenses
[2007-10-17] OSI made an expected move Monday, approving the Microsoft Public License (Ms-PL) and the Microsoft Reciprocal License (Ms-RL).

MAX 2007 - Day Two
[2007-10-03] The day's general session kicked off with Bruce (Chizen, CEO) telling us how much it inspires Adobe to see 4,000 people at the conference (after he told a funny story about going backstage at a rock concert, only to have the lighting and sound guys mob him and enthuse about Adobe software!).

Feature-Driven Development
[2007-09-19] At the IASA ITARC event in Atlanta I listened to Don Browning, Principal Architect at Turner Broadcasting, talk about Feature Driven Development.

Exporting from CFGRID in Coldfusion 8
[2007-09-05] A user asked me today if it was possible to export data from the new HTML-based grid in ColdFusion 8.

Interesting Bug with Query Columns
[2007-08-22] An interesting bug (not a ColdFusion bug, but a user bug) cropped up in a discussion last week in the ColdFusion IRC channel.

Vista, IIS7 & BlueDragon
[2007-08-14] I'm trying to set up a full-blown development environment on Vista, just to see how I get on and to compare it with my regular development environment on OS X.

ASP.NET - Trackback Spam Fighting
[2007-07-30] Recently, I joined the Subkismet project which is an open source stand-alone comment spam filtering library for ASP.NET web applications founded by Phil Haack.