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Newsletter Archive: 2005
ColdFusion: Quicker Scripting, At A Price
ColdFusion is a rapid application development language for the web, developed by Macromedia.
Google Jamming For Code In China
The Summer of Code will spend the autumn and early winter in China, where Google will offer valuable prizes to Chinese participants who win the competition. The Google China Code Jam isn't the name of a...
Towards Next Generation URLs
For many years we have heard about the impending death of URLs that are difficult to type, remember and preserve.
How To Use The Yahoo Geocoding API In PHP
You know you've got some cool APIs when Rasmus takes the time to write some code against them and then show the world how easy it is: GeoCool! ... Web 2.0 and the programmable web that I and others have been talking about...
Ten RSS Hacks
Here, for no reason at all, are 10 RSS power user tips that you can use to enhance your life. Some of these you might already know, others you may not.
Macromedia Offers Alpha Sneak Peak
Macromedia is offering developers a chance to provide input on new software from its earliest stages with a new website devoted to alpha downloads of ongoing projects. The first available alphas will be Macromedia Flex Builder™ 2 and Flash Player 8.5.
A Java Developer's Guide To Web Hosting
You make a living writing enterprise java applications, and you would like to work on your own projects for fun or profit, you would like to create your own web site or you would like to have a place to host your open source project.
Comprehensive Monitoring, Analysis, and Notification
You dont need to know any HTML - SiteSpinner V2 is 100% WYSIWYG - move anything anywhere with your mouse. No need for image editing software - Change the size or properties of any picture right in the work window...
Developers: eBay's API Presents Financial Opportunities
Sean Crotty from eBay discusses their Affiliate Program, discloses the one API call that affiliates demanded the most, and lets us in on a big secret: a product category just waiting for someone to turn it into some serious cash.
Security And RSS
RSS is growing at a lightening speed. What was once only known as a "techie tool", RSS is becoming a tool that is continuously being used by the general population.
JupiterWeb, Abobe, Team-Up For Intelligent Design
JupiterWeb, the online media division of Jupitermedia Corp., launched its Adobe LiveCycle™ Developer Source, an extension of Adobe's developer outreach program, to assist application development professionals create more dynamic, intelligent document-based applications.
Google Awards Top Coder
Now here's a kid that can write his own ticket. Marek Cygan, a student at Warsaw University, won the grand prize in Google's 2005 Google Code Jam, a programming contest that attracted 14,500 A-one programmers from around the world.
Use An MRD To Control Your Outsourcing
Is your software development process as unpredictable as the weather? Is your software casting a shadow causing six more weeks of programming? Are you using a marketing requirements document (MRD) or magic to predict your software release schedule?
Red Hat, IBM Going After Emerging Markets
Linux and solutions based on that platform will get the big push as the two firms go after the biggest emerging global markets.
Microsoft Touting RSS To Vista Developers
A top ten list from the home office in Redmond, Washington, presented at PDC 2005 in Los Angeles, urges developers to take advantage of RSS.
Solving The Multiple Inheritance Issue Under .NET Platform
.NET platform does not support multiple inheritance. Do not confuse multilevel inheritance with multiple inheritance. With multiple inheritance we can have a subclass that inherits from two classes at the same time.
Otellini Keynotes Intel Developer Forum
Don't think of the approach as low powered chips; think of it as more performance per watt. To a PC, heat is the enemy. Too much heat will consume PC innards faster than Hannibal Lecter at a sweetbreads buffet.
IBM Supports Geronimo
Yesterday, IBM announced that it now offers support services for Apache Software Foundation (ASF) Geronimo open source application server software. IBM's support services are called IBM Support for Apache Geronimo, and include two levels of support to help customers resolve technical issues concerning applications that run on Geronimo.
PHP Server To Client With No Refresh
Although most of our companies work is template based design, the end result is always unique and adapts to each client's individual needs. The process of merging a client's content and style with our templates creates an opportunity to challenge ourselves and once again put our web design skills to the test.
Important Tools for Managing Your Files and Folders
AllWebMenus is a dhtml menu/javascript menu builder for web navigation that requires absolutely no DHTML or Javascript experience. It creates any cross-browser, popup or drop-down web menu that works alike in all browsers supporting DHTML held by all popular platforms (PC, MAC, Unix).
Sun Microsystems Opens Solaris Code
Tuesday, the technology company published source code for an open source version of the Solaris operating system. All of the code associated with Solaris 10 has been released. This includes the operating system, its networking, and its libraries. Downloads can be found online.
DHTML Menu/Javascript Menu Builder
AllWebMenus is a dhtml menu/javascript menu builder for web navigation that requires absolutely no DHTML or Javascript experience. It creates any cross-browser, popup or drop-down web menu that works alike in all browsers supporting DHTML held by all popular platforms (PC, MAC, Unix).
Sun Microsystems Opens Solaris Code
Tuesday, the technology company published source code for an open source version of the Solaris operating system. All of the code associated with Solaris 10 has been released. This includes the operating system, its networking, and its libraries. Downloads can be found online.
How The BigDecimal Class Helps Java Get Its Arithmetic Right
When you use Java for simple business arithmetic, you may be surprised to discover that Java doesn't always produce the right answers. If, for example, you use the double data type for an invoice's subtotal, sales tax, and total, your arithmetic expressions may deliver inaccurate results. I'll illustrate this in a moment.
A Gentle Introduction To Cryptography
With the increasing incidence of identity thefts, credit card frauds, social engineering attacks, the digital world is facing challenges in the years ahead. Obviously, cryptography, a young science, will play a prominent role in the security of protecting digital assets. This article tries to explain the basics of cryptography (encryption) using plain language.
Get Workstation 5 at the upcoming VMware Workshops
Whether you're new to virtualization or a current VMware user, if you're a software developer, quality engineer, team leader, or department head charged with developing, testing or deploying critical software for your company, you need to attend this workshop.
Hundreds Of Developers At Microsoft And SAP Working Together
Hundreds of developers at Microsoft and SAP will work together on a new product designed to link together their business software in the most significant leap forward in their 15-year partnership, according to a report by eWeek.
Microsoft Seeks Input On Longhorn Development
In a post on the Longhorn developer blog, Microsoft asks for customer input on some networking features Microsoft is considering ...
Connecting And Accessing Data Through ADO.NET
Microsoft's ADO.NET technology offers a solution to many of the problems associated with data access. Accessing data has become a major programming task for modern software programming, both for standardalone applications and for web based applications.
Mastering Regular Expressions In PHP
A regular expression is a pattern that can match various text strings. Using regular expressions you can find (and replace) certain text patterns, for example "all the words that begin with the letter A" or "find only telephone numbers".
Meet The Community At OSBC
Panel with Brian Behlendorf from Apache/Collabnet, Josh from PostgreSQL, Chris Hoffman from Mozilla, Larry Wall from Perl and David Wheeler from Bricolage. Moderated by Christian Einfeldt, "How these communities result in 1 + 1 = 5..."
Now is the time to change hosting providers
Are you serious about your company's data? Then it's time you found a managed hosting company that feels the same way.
HP: Financials of Manageable Apps White Paper
HP would like to offer you a complementary white paper that will give you critical insight into the financial implications of developing manageable applications.
Intranet Portals – Personalisation And Customisation
What typifies a modern intranet portal is that there is a standardised user interface ("UI") with a built in system for user authentication. In other words, the user signs in to the portal rather than simply accessing it. This brings us to the key difference; an intranet portal knows who you are, whilst with an old-fashioned intranet, the user is anonymous.
Integrating XML with J2EE
In this article, Martin Bond discusses XML and its associated APIs and standards, and how XML can be used to create flexible structured data that is inherently portable. This excerpt is from chapter (Day) 16 of Teach Yourself J2EE in 21 Days, second edition, by Martin Bond, et. al. (Sams, ISBN: 0672325586)
Relieve Your IT Stresses
Rackspace Managed Hosting is a rarity in the IT sector, they believe in looking after their customers. They have no answering machines, no voicemails, no forwarding, no press 1 to be taken seriously, press 2 to be sent to the completely wrong department.
Using ASP.NET To Prompt A User To Save When Leaving A Page
Previously I wrote an article titled Prompting a User to Save When Leaving a Page, which looked at how to use the client-side onbeforeunload event to display a confirmation messagebox when a user attempted to leave a data-entry page after having modified the data's contents without explicitly saving the data.
Simple Solution For PHP Includes
I have recently created my first Php program. I wanted to share with others some of the problems that I encountered, and how I finally overcame these obstacles.
Password Protection With PHP, MySQL, And Session Variables
One of the great promises that actually came true when our Internet-enabled world reached the twenty-first century is efficient customer-to-business interaction.
One Giant Leap for Developers
The company that brings developers cutting-edge technologies like BPEL and ADF will soon bring one lucky developer to the edge of space. Register now for the Oracle Space Sweepstakes and you could win a free ride on a Space Adventures suborbital space flight. You’ll have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience weightlessness and view the earth from space.
Intranet Portal Project - RAD Or Waterfall?
In this short article, David Viney examines whether Rapid Application Development (RAD) or Waterfall development methodologies should be used during Intranet Portal projects.
Using Win32 Calling Conventions
When writing code for the Win32 platform, most developers don't pay attention to selecting a "calling convention", and in most cases it doesn't really matter much. But as systems get larger and split into more modules (especially when third-party modules are to be included), this becomes something that cannot really be ignored.
Using the PHP Crypt Function
The PHP crypt function is a one-way encryption function that lets you confirm that an entered password matches a stored encrypted one -- without having to decrypt anything. Chris Root explains how it works.
Rackspace Managed Hosting may save your vacation
With Rackspace you have your own dedicated support team that knows your company and is motivated to quickly solve any problem. A significant piece of each employee's compensation is tied directly to the customers' satisfaction.
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